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This 8x10 with the Peter Mayhew Foundation Logo was created Exclusively for the Peter Mayhew Foundation.  The actual image is from the Star Wars Holiday Special. If you watch the Star Wars Holiday Special closely this photo is sitting on Chewie's wife Malla's night stand. put together a wonderful fundraiser for many different Star Wars actors. They created a different card for each celebrity involved benefitting their charity of choice. Peter's of course benefits the PMF. There were only 50 cards made so these are very limited. 


One of our board members Tammy Earehart ( A Wounded Warrior Herself) helped create this wonderful 11x17 print that was sold at Star Wars Celebration VI benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project. We have very few of these prints left. Proceeds from this print will be split between the Wounded Warrior Project & the Peter Mayhew Foundation. 

Nick Maley who worked in Stuart Freeborn's creature shop on Star Wars created this beautiful 11x14 sketch for Peter Mayhew and presented it to him at Star Wars Celebration VI. We ran a limited run of 11x14 prints which both Nick & Peter signed to benefit the Yoda Guy Movie Museum Foundation & the Peter Mayhew Foundation. 

New Books: Growing Up Giant & My Favorite Giant

Illustrator of "My Favorite Giant" Terry Naughton, authors Peter "Chewbacca" Mayhew and Angie Mayhew and illustrator of "Growing Up Giant" Dawn DuJour.

 "An inspirational tale of triumph over adversity, Peter tells his story much like he lives his life: with dignity, humility and great candor. Warmly human and highly relatable, his understated humor makes his extraordinary experiences seem almost matter-of-fact. Highly recommended!" ~Mark Hamill

"Growing up Giant" is a graphic novel

based on  the true story of war and

shortages faced by a young giant on his

journey to find a place in the world.

Intended for older children and adults.

Written by Peter & Angie Mayhew and 

illustrated by Dawn DuJour. 


"My Favorite Giant" is a whimsical 

adventure that highlights the differences in

people as being a strength instead of a

weakness. Written for younger children, it's

message of acceptance is universal. This

book is illustrated by former Disney

illustrator Terry Naughton.

Jake Lloyd "Anakin", Peter Mayhew "Chewbacca" & Daniel Logan "Boba" looking at copies of "My Favorite Giant".


Lou Ferrigno "The Incredible Hulk" came by to take a look at "Growing Up Giant" & "My Favorite Giant".  

Cassandra Peterson "Elvira" with her copies of "Growing Up Giant" & "My Favorite Giant". 

Dave Prowse "Darth Vader" with his copies of "Growing Up Giant" & "My Favorite Giant".