About the Peter Mayhew Foundation 


The Peter Mayhew Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to the alleviation of disease, pain, suffering, and the financial toll brought on by life's traumatic events. By providing its available resources directly to deserving children and adults in need,  we assist numerous charitable organizations in order to promote and  boost their effectiveness and provide support where needed.

When The Peter Mayhew Foundation opened its doors, we initially focused on causes in the  Star Wars community such as Baby Leah, Fight Like a Jedi and Sith Knows Heart. Though we hold these causes close to heart we do not limit ourselves to such causes.

The Peter Mayhew Foundation has worked with many charitable organizations like College Student Ambassador Programs, Make a Wish Foundation, The Salvation Army Angel Tree, Toys for Tots, USO and Wounded Warrior Project. By working together we provide supportive funds, services and supplies to the needs of Non Profits and individuals that we move forward, The Wookiee Way.

Examples of the types of endeavors which we would sponsor:

Peter's celebrity is something that can bring life back to someone who is down and out. That sparkle of joy, shock, happiness in ones eyes when first meeting Peter is what keeps us going. We provide packages of encouragement including autographs and books to sick kids and adults as well as support materials for fund raising efforts on an individual basis and for disaster relief. Through Peter's books we are able to show the world and most importantly at risk children that it is okay to be different and encourage literacy by round table book readings. As scheduling allows Peter makes phone and skype calls to those who are home bound or recovering in hospitals and when possible hospital or family support visits.

We are a catalyst to bring together many Organizations: Pop Culture and Comic Conventions, Groups: 501st Stormtroopers, Rebel Legion, Star Fleet, and celebrities. By joining forces these efforts focus on those in need to provide a better life.

 Many times the Make a Wish Foundation selects a terminally ill child to make a visit to places such as Disneyland. Unfortunately, many charitable organizations are under funded and the beneficiaries such as these are limited. These trips typically include travel, accommodations and entrance fees to the awarded locations. When possible The Peter Mayhew Foundation steps in and provides extra funds for items such as meals, refreshments, souvenirs etc for the beneficiaries so they have an even more memorable trip.

Another example would be aiding the 501st, a volunteer group based on “Darth Vader's Stormtroopers” from the Star Wars film franchise. The members are often involved in community activities such as hospital visits, parades, blood drives, focused promotions, disaster relief and bringing awareness to fund raising events for charitable causes. Because of the recognition of the Star Wars aspect of this group, both adults and children are thrilled by their appearances at these events. The people wearing these costumes come from all over the world to be a member of the 501st and troop at these events at their own expense. The Peter Mayhew Foundation has determined that there is a need for additional support such as secure changing facilities and other amenities that might other wise cost them out of pocket when they themselves are donating their time.    

Please join us in our journey and help us show the world how geeks make a difference, The Wookiee Way


~Peter & Angie Mayhew